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Dennis Hayward, 1944-2023     Synthetic Spurs on a Local Oscillator
          Simple Modification to a Classic Transmatch

Technical Notes     (Includes Filter Design topics)  (4 Nov 2023)      
Archived, older technical notes.     
(29 March 2023)  
Some mountain treks          (29 March 2023)
Stroke7--Ultra-Portable Amateur Radio   
      By "Ultra-Portable," I mean transporting ham gear while on foot, or via bicycle or kayak, followed by putting the gear on the air.
Our Ham Shack+ People & History       (3 April 2023)
Errata for EMRFD   Also includes a QEX errata.   
Now includes a 2008 Ladpac software download.    (26 May 2022) 

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