------- Update, November 2020-------

Free Semiconductors are
still available from KE6F in this COVID-19 era.

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My most recent note from Bob said that the $4 listed earlier for the "grab bag" was not quite enough and that $5 would be a better number.   It's a great deal at $5.   w7zoi 10Nov20
The early months of 2020 found us in a new world.   A global pandemic has forced many of us to exist in a state of near-isolation.   That's certainly been the case in the W7ZOI household.    We go out to purchase groceries and the necessary pharmacy items, and we continue to exercise with walks.   But that's about all.   Many of us in the amateur radio community find ourselves melting solder and building things, often attacking projects that have long been on our bucket list.    Mail order parts are still available, but they can be expensive.  But that should not detour us.   There are some really good parts available, often for little cost.

Bob, KE6F, has for several years now been supplying experimenters with components, essentially free of charge.   The only cost to the user has been for postage.    This started with a huge supply of BF998 FETs.   These are dual gate, N-channel
MOSFETs.  Although they are SMT parts, they are very easy to use, even in a breadboard (no printed board) environment.   I used one of these MOSFETs in a 6 meter low noise amplifier that is on my web site. (Click here to read the short paper.)   Some additional parts were given away to our homebrewer community, including some interesting power MOSFETs and quite a variety of SMT parts.  

Bob continues to supply us with good parts.   There are two offers:

1)    The BF998
MOSFETs are still available.   To get what Bob calls as "a pinch" of these parts, send Bob a padded self addressed envelope with $2 attached postage.   Please, no cash or loose stamps.  

2)    The second option is a "grab bag."   For this, send Bob a large padded shipping envelope, self addressed, with $5  attached postage.    Please, no cash or loose stamps.     This envelope will include that pinch of BF998 FETs, plus a bunch of other goodies.    But here's a change from the past.   Bob generally wants to get away from dealing with specific parts, so this offer is for a true grab bag.   I can't tell you what you will get, but suspect that it will be spectacular.   If you are specifically interested in some BUZ FETs (power mosfets), mention that to Bob.   He still has a lot of them.

The BF998 MOSFETs are not some obscure junker parts from the past, but are parts that are still available in the Mouser and  Digi-Key catalogs.   That said, they may not last forever, for they are no longer recommended for use in new designs.   The feedback that I've had over the last several years is that these are excellent parts.

Bob emphasizes:    DO NOT SEND MONEY or LOOSE STAMPS.   Also, it is important to send padded envelopes.  A normal envelope is easily punctured by the parts, causing problems with the postal system. 

The above SASE conditions apply to experimenters in the USA.    If you are elsewhere, please contact Bob for details.

The address for the parts is
   Bob Miller, KE6F
   9239 Knights Lane
   Wilton, CA 95693

Bob's email address is  millerke6f@aol.com

Many thanks Bob for your continued generosity.