This view shows the shack in October, 2016.   The newest addition is an Elecraft KX2 transceiver.   The KX2 will serve a dual purpose.
First, it's a multi-mode, multi-band portable station to take to the field.   Second, it is a modern replacement for my old FT-7 Yaesu rig.

My initial reaction to the KX2 is very positive.   It's been used in three casual contest efforts (CW and SSB) and has held up well.  I've not done dynamic range measurements yet.

Below is a  slightly earlier (June, 2016) view of the station.   Scroll down for a closer view of the main CW rig.   The aluminum panel boxes at the right are experiments.   The lower one is a direct conversion receiver while the upper one is a frequency synthesizer that can be routed to the main CW receiver.

The close-up is shown below.   Additional info is below the photo.

The box with the large black knob is the receiver.   The box with the meter is a QRP transmitter that tracks with the receiver.   The chassis under the shelf is a 40 Watt MOSFET CW power amplifier.    This set-up, as shown, covers 40, 20, and 15 meter CW.   The rig just to the left of the QRP transmitter (just out of view in this photo) is a SSB and CW transceiver for 6 meters.    My interests have moved away from VHF at the present, so the 6 M transceiver sees little use.   Perhaps that interest will pick up as our sunspots continue to decline.