Selected Mountain Hikes
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Mt. Olympus, ONP, Washington State along the Cat creek way trail, Sept 2008.  It doesn't get much better than this!

June, 2019              Field Day, 2019
May, 2019             
Coast Range microwave radio trip, May 2019       (Re  radio experiments. Almost no hiking.)
Aug, 2016               Lookout Mountain, Oregon, 2016  (This is mostly about the radio experiments rather than the hike.)
June, 2013              Field Day, 2013
Sept, 2012              Grand Pass, Olympic National Park 2012
June, 2011              Field Day, 2011
Sept, 2008               Cat Creek Way Trail, Olympic National Park 2008  
July, 2008                Eagle Creek 2008      
August, 2007            High Divide, Olympic National Park                             
July 2003                 Deception Basin, Olympic National Park, WA                
July 2004                 Spectacle Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA                 
Sept 2004                Cascade Pass, North Cascades National Park, WA                                                               
Feb 2007                  Camping and Snowshoeing on Ghost Ridge, Oregon                 
Sept 2002                 A Summit Camp on Maxwell Butte, Central Oregon              

A Collection of Photos From the Past:

Some old slide photos from the 1960s:  

A Sampler of Northern Oregon          
Olympic Mountain Hikes, 1              
Olympic Mountain Hikes, 2

Stroke7    This is a collection of photos and text related to ham radio gear in the mountains.   The time span here is over half a century.