This was the cover for the July 1967 issue of QST, plus the top of the first page of the two part paper related to the cover.     Just a day or so ago I received the latest QST, April 2017.   It had a photo of the April 1967 QST cover on page 110 in the "100, 50, and 25 Years Ago" column.   Both George and I were pleased to see that familiar cover, but disappointed to see nothing more about the article.    Will Alexander, WA6RDZ, is unfortunately a "Silent Key."   

I have very fond memories of the project.   The three of us would often meet for Pizza for lunch and talk about the project.   I learned a lot from both of these follows.    It was a wonderful receiver for the day, offering really great performance.    My version was, of course, Ugly to the Core where George's was a thing of beauty.     I worked a lot of fun DX with mine
(as did George with his), and it was the beginning of  more interesting things to come.     I was very lucky to have hooked up with those two fellows from Fairchild Semiconductor in that era when people were just starting to use the term "Silicon Valley."