The "roadmaps" for the Progressive Receiver are shown in the figures below.    These are sketches of the PC boards showing the placement of the components.
   (9Nov12, w7zoi)

1.   This is the Active Audio Filter, Top View.

2.  This is the BFO and Audio Amplifier board, Top View.

3.   Below is the Crystal Oscillator, Top View.    There may be many of these in the receiver.

4.   Below we have the IF Amplifier.   (Builders in 2012 might want to replace this design with a Hybrid Cascode IF Amp.)

5.   The circuit shown below is the mixer board (top view) including a post-mixer amplifier.  

6.    The long skinny board below is a top view of the 80 meter preselector filter.     This is a cascode of a low pass and a high pass filter.

7.  The board below is the RF Amplifier and Front end.    A receiver may use a bunch of these.

8.   Finally, we have the VFO board, top view.