Old Technology and Methods:  Files from the W7ZOI page.

Earlier times on the Internet produced web pages that were much smaller.   The Internet providers had much less memory for each customer.   Our computers were much slower, requiring much more time to download even modest sized files.    My personal approach was to periodically eliminate some articles that I had posted in order to make room for new ones.  But times have changed.   My personal conservative approach is no longer necessary, so I'm bringing back some of the earlier pieces.  Some may still be of interest or serve to illustrate a concept.

June 2, 2023 (minor edit, no new files)   

RF Signal Source for the Experimenter    April 2012

An Abstract for Experimental Methods in RF Design (EMRFD)    2003

Some Bandpass Filter Design Notes  (LC Filters.)   6/2003

Breadboarding Methods   3/2007

Books   7/2009

Experiments with Coils and Q-Measurements  12/2008

Comparing Quartz Crystal Measurement Methods   7/2009

Direct Conversion Receivers--Some Amateur Radio History   3/2019

Calculations and Simulations with Attenuator Pads and Feedback Amplifiers    8/2006

Experiments with Simple Low Pass Filters     2/2009

A Mixed Form Filter:  Variatios on Familiar Design Methods   12/2008

Measurements on the EMRFD First Transmitter  8/2007

Micromountaineers--Old and New  1/2007

Practical Tuning and Aligning of a LC Bandpass Filter   3/2021

Building a Power Meter using the AD-8307  4/2015

A Portable Antenna Scheme   (Perhaps of interest to the POTA enthusiasts)  7/2007

A Bandpass Filter using Coils Wound on PVC Pipe    10/2008

Return Loss, Gamma, and VSWR  7/2006

Single Balanced Mixer Experiments   1/2008

A Single Conversion Spectrum Analyzer   3/2009

Breadboarding Schemes for SMT Circuits    3/2004

Transmit-Receive Methods for QRP Equipment   11/2018

Transformer Loaded LC Bandpass Filters   4/2009

A VHF Bandpass Filter   7/2002

Transformers for the End Fed Half Wave Antenna  5/2017

Experiments with a NanoVNA  9/2020

Adding a Q-Multiplier to a Crystal Set   10/2007