Terrace Lake, Lassen National Park, California, September 2009
September 26, 2009

A recent road trip took us to several national parks and monuments in northern California and in Oregon.   While in Lassen, we decided to do a short hike.   It's not often that Shon is enticed into hitting the trail, but every once in a while...
Shon on the trail  The trail to the lake was short, but steep and downhill, which means that the hike back would be uphill.

The reward was a good one, Terrace Lake
Terrace Lake The Lake is small, but very scenic.   The elevation is close to 8000 ft, resulting in open timber.

Terrace Lake Walking around the lake produces a different view.

Shadow Lake  Just below Terrace Lake we find the larger Shadow Lake.

Terrace Lake A final view of Terrace Lake before the hike back up the hill.

We encountered damp weather in Redwood NP, so the photos are sparse.   (Good excuse for anther trip.)  We also visited Lava Beds NM and Crater Lake NP.
Lava Beds NM Visitor Center at Lava Beds

snag at Crater Lake   A snag at Crater Lake