Free Semiconductors are still available from KE6F.

Updates:    8August16, 19July17, 27Feb18, 3Sep18, 26Nov19, 10Nov20, 20June23

Bob, KE6F, for several years now has been supplying experimenters with components, essentially free of charge.   The only cost to the user has been for postage.    This started with a huge supply of BF998 FETs.   These are dual gate, N-channel MOSFETs.  Although they are SMT parts, they are easy to use, even in a breadboard (no printed board) environment.  

Bob expanded this to offer a grab bag full of a variety of parts, ranging from power MOSFETs to SMT parts.    Here’s what Bob had to say in a recent email:

“Just an update to say that I am still offering the free parts grab bag for an SASE.   Power FETs, SMT parts, TTL logic, LEDs, TO92 voltage regulators, and whatever I can load up in a manila envelope with $5  attached postage.  Please no money or loose stamps.  It may take a week or so to respond to a request.     I cannot supply specifically requested parts.   Just the SASE as noted.”

The BF998 MOSFETs are still available, although the supply is dwindling.   To get what Bob calls "a pinch" of these parts, send Bob a padded self-addressed envelope with
$2 attached postage.   These parts are no longer available from the Mouser or Digi-Key catalogs.

Bob emphasizes:    DO NOT SEND MONEY or LOOSE STAMPS.   Also, it is important to send padded envelopes.  A normal envelope is easily punctured by the parts, causing problems for the postal system. 

The above SASE conditions apply to experimenters in the USA.    If you are elsewhere, please contact Bob for details.

The address for the parts is
   Bob Miller, KE6F
   9239 Knights Lane
   Wilton, CA 95693

Bob's email address is

Many thanks Bob for your continued generosity.