Lunch with K7QO          (w7zoi, 14Feb17, 17march17, 5Oct2018)
  In early 2017 we visited my brother and his family in
Phoenix, Arizona.     I had lunch with Chuck Adams, K7QO, while in AZ.    Chuck has long been a stalwart in the QRP community, especially among those who homebrew their own gear, or build kits.    Chuck is a retired physics professor.   

Chuck scanned the ARRL books Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur (1977) and Introduction to RF Design (1994.)   These were then included on the CD for  Experimental Methods in RF Design, Classic Reprint Edition.    Our lunch was just the opportunity I needed to present Chuck with a copy of the finished product, as shown in the photo.   In addition, we ate some really great brisket at Rudy's BBQ, just off of I-10 in Chandler, AZ.

Chuck brought a box of goodies to show me as we ate.    Most of the projects were on circuit boards.     Chuck's circuit board methods were especially impressive.    He uses relatively tame chemistry to produce very clean boards.       Look at Chuck's work in more detail in the Yahoo Group, "qrp-tech".     Some of the information is in his "lab" presentation on his web site.      See   Then go to "lab."   Do NOT use

Many thanks to Chuck for all of his efforts.    It was great to finally meet him in person.