Jhus Canyon, Chiricahua Mountains, near Portal, Arizona (Feb 9, 2017)

This hike was another in the Chiricahua Mountains with friend Jon Lacey.    I was invited to go along with a bunch of folks who hike almost every week, somewhere in the hills around Portal, Arizona.     Portal is a remote little town on the New Mexico border, about 60 miles north of the Mexican border.   We all met at the house of one of the eight hikers and then drove toward a trailhead.   This trip was different in that there was never a specific place that might fit the usual trailhead description.   Rather, the guys drove their four wheel drive pickups along the old roads until they became rough enough that they didn't want to go further.   We then parked and started walking.    I would not have wanted to take our car on this road!

This shows the road or "trail" we hiked near the beginning.   This is typical of much of the hike.

A view to the NE, looking into New Mexico.  

The hike took us along an old road until we reached an abandoned ranch.   Only the foundation of an old house was left.    We continued on the road for a while.   Then we diverted across country toward a creek bed, but eventually found another road that we followed until we returned to the ranch, and then back to the trucks.

I found it refreshing to be so far away from a densely populated area.    I estimate that we covered about 3 miles with an elevation gain of about 700 ft.   Many thanks to the guys in this hiking group for including me.