January, 2017 Storm.              12Jan17, 13Jan17, Wes Hayward

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Weather forecast was for an inch or two of snow, starting on Tuesday evening.   Everything happened as predicted except for the amount of snow.

But this is what we found on Wednesday morning.   A yard stick down to the sidewalk said 9 inches.   It was deeper elsewhere.  (It always is, it seems.)

Was going to snowshoe to Roger's house, but discovered that the rubber straps on my snowshoes were breaking, having become brittle over the years.   So decided I should clear the sidewalk instead.

The snow was pretty dense, but not bad.  

The snow in the back yard has crushed many of the bushes.    Let's hope that they spring back to life.

This is our bird bath.

  A neighbor skis down our hill.

My beam is still up and it even turns.

Here's the homestead as viewed from the house across the street.

Later in the afternoon I decided to head on over to Roger's house via the woods.

I took the shorter route, but still found two trees down.   The only trees down that I found were Oregon Ash or similar.

  The pond is frozen over, but not enough that I would trust the ice.

This is one of the trees in Roger's back yard.

We awakened on Thursday morning to sunshine, although the temperature was still below freezing, so no melting yet.

Some of us head outside to enjoy the views.   But Shon is content to stay inside.   Here's the view from her sewing room.

Thursday Photos

It's really wonderful when we catch the sunlight poking through the trees in the woods.

The neighborhood south of our woods affords some good mountain views.   Here's Mt. Hood, 40 miles to the east.

And here's Mt. Jefferson on the horizon, about 60 miles to the SE.

The following are some photos taken on the morning of Friday the Thirteenth of Jan, 2017.   Hope that is not significant.   The last time I took Shon snowshoeing was on the Ides-of-March, many years ago.

This is looking down Danielle.   Hart Road was still far from bare pavement.

Entering the woods.

Really a fun place.   "Why didn't you tell me it is so fun?"

This is close to the major junction where four trails come together.