Errata and Enhancements, Ladpac Software, EMRFD

(Update:  20April17, 2May17, 12May17)

LADPAC is no longer available for download.   
I recently got an alarming email from one of the EMRFD readers.    His Internet provider had supplied him with Norton 360, a program intended to warn folks about malware.    In using the Norton program, he received a warning that LADPAC may cause problems.   It was not a report of a known virus.   Rather, it merely said that one (actually, two) of the programs within the LADPAC collection might be nasty.      Some of the programs within LADPAC go back to 2008 without change, including one that produced a flag.     Although Norton is the only virus checking program that has reported a false-virus with
LADPAC that I have encountered, colleagues in the software arena report similar problems with their programs and many software checking programs.      All this because software detection programs offer a message on the basis of a guess on their part.   

So where do we go from here?   If I was making my living by selling software, I would get more aggressive in fighting the false flags that Norton and others might raise.   But I don't have either the time or the interest for this.    The last thing I want is some user cursing at me because he thinks I am infecting his computer.    So I'm pulling the plug and will no longer distribute LADPAC or any of the variations.    I've ask the League to pull it from their listing.
Many thanks for all the interest over the years.    It's been a fun ride.