Errata, Ladpac Software, EMRFD

(Update:  1Dec15)

New design software is now available for owners of all printings of EMRFD.   This is in a ZIP file that you can download by clicking here on Ladpac-2008(1).zip.     This is a large file of almost 4 Megabytes, so dial-up folks be warned.    The manual for the new software is included in the ZIP file as a PDF.  

The software can also be downloaded at the ARRL site.   Just click
here  and then find EMRFD in the list.    From there, you will see information about the software download.

When you click on the urls above, a window should appear that allows you to open or save the ZIP file.  Click on "save" and it will be transferred to your computer as "" and can then be opened.  

Program installation is simple:   (1) Create a directory on your computer where you want the programs to reside.  Mine is just "Ladpac." (2)  Copy all 28 files from the ZIP file into the new directory.  Be sure that you are complete and get all of the files.   (3) Turn on Windows Explorer so you can see the folder where you have stored the program.   Drag that folder to your Desktop.
  This installation assumes you are familiar with Windows procedures.

The programs are easily run.    Double click the newly created folder that now resides on the Desktop.    Then double click the design program you wish to run. You can also double click on the manual, which is a PDF.   (1July10)

Windows 7, 8, 10.

One of our readers checked and confirmed that the Ladpac08 software does indeed function with the Windows, Versions 7, 8, and 10.  The software also functions on a Macbook Pro running Windows 7 under VMware Fusion.    (Dec 2015)

Bug Fix: (24Feb09)

A bug was discovered in one of the programs in the new program collection.   The flawed program was Ladbuild08.exe and it has been fixed.    To obtain the new replacement file, click on  .    The new file has been replaced in the master file,, so there is no need to download both unless you downloaded before Feb 24, 2009.   (24Feb09)

Manual Update

We added a couple of sentences to the manual in connection with XLAD08.   The new manual can be downloaded by clicking on the following url:   Ladpac2008_Manual(1).zip    This will be a large file of about 1.7 Meg.