Errata and Enhancements, LADPAC Software, EMRFD

(Updates:  20April17, 2May17, 12May17, 22June17, 1July17)

LADPAC is no longer available for download.   

I recently received an alarming email from an EMRFD reader.    His Internet provider had supplied him with a program intended to detect malware.    This program  warned him that LADPAC may be malware.   This was not a report of a known virus.   Rather, it merely said that two of the programs within the LADPAC collection could be infected.      Most of the
LADPAC programs  go back to 2008 without change, including one that produced a flag.     I have friends who write and sell simulation software who tell me that false accusations are a common problem they face.    

Let me be very specific:     The malware detection programs did not say that
LADPAC was a virus.    Rather, they suggested that LADPAC had a structure that was similar to other programs that were known to be a virus.       This structure might be something as trivial as a repeated character string such as ----------.   

This false accusation problem is the reason the League no longer includes the programs on the book CD.   After some thought about this problem, I have decided I do not wish to deal with it.     Hence, I no longer distribute any programs.   I have ask ARRL to delete
LADPAC from their listing.