Errata for Introduction to Radio Frequency Design.   Update (11Mar16)


1.  Some revised information was assembled several years ago regarding oscillator starting analysis.   This is found by clicking here.

2.  IRFD includes a number of computer programs.  They are, alas, all written for the DOS environment, so they are not suitable for either Windows systems beyond XP.    They will run in Windows XP, although they are slow.    It is not possible to do a screen capture of the DOS window from XP operation, which means that it is not possible to save a screen.    This software can be obtained from the ARRL Web site by clicking here.   Once in the "Product Notes" section of the ARRL site, find the listing for Introduction to Radio Frequency Design and click on it.    Incidentally, this download includes our old MicroSmith program, which is a Smith Chart utility.   The complete MicroSmith manual is included in the download.    

3.  Two days ago on 13Jan12 I discovered that Introduction to Radio Frequency Design has been discontinued by the publisher, ARRL.     (15Jan12)