EMRFD Chapter 8 Errata.

p8.1.  The title of the chapter is Direct Conversion Receivers rather than Direct Converstion Receivers.  

p8.4.   left column, bottom line.   Replace FB 2410 with FB 2401.   Or use a FT-37-43, now available from Mouser. (8June2019) 

p8.5.  Fig. 8.7.  Add a 560 pF capacitor in parallel with the 150 K-Ohm resistor in the first audio amplifier.  

p8.5, Fig. 8.7.   Mark schematic with transistor reference designators Q1 to Q3, left to right.  (22June03)

 p8.5, Fig 8.7.   A new schematic was generated which should be easier to read.

p8.6.  left text column, 4.7 inches down from top of text.  Replace mV with uV.  (20Mar03)

p8.6, column1, 2.1 inch up from bottom.  Change "it's ground lead" to "its ground lead.)   (21Oct15)

p8.8.  Equation 8.3.  The units should be watts/meter^2 (watts per meter squared with a superscript) rather than watts per meter.  (20Mar03)

p8.12, middle col, 2.2 inch up from text bottom.  change "Rather the attempting..." to "Rather than attempting."  (22June03)

p8.12, right col, just above Fig 8.20 in text.   Replace 1N4184 with 1N4148.   (26Dec05)            

p8.14, Fig 8.22.   The upper right part of the figure contains the Low Noise Audio Amplifier consisting of a common base stage followed by a common emitter amplifier.   A follower operates as a capacitance multiplier to supply low ripple DC to the two LNA stages.   The common base stage is shown with a 10K collector R and a 5.6K/3.3K base bias network.    The collector R should be 5.6K while the base bias should come from a 10K/3.3K divider.   (03Sept06)    

 p8.14, Fig 8.22:   A new schematic was generated which should be easier to read.  

p8.16, 3.6 inch up from bottom:    Change "in it's second..." to "in its second..."   (21Oct15)