EMRFD Chapter 4 Errata.

  (31 July 09, 1Aug09, 8May11, 11oct12, 8mar14)

p4.1, caption for Fig 4.1, first line:  Should be   of an oscillator. (24Feb03)  

p4.2, left column, 4.2 inches down from text top:  replace "system in the Figure" with "system in Fig 4.1"   (9Dec03)    It should be Fig 4.1.     (17 Apr 9)  

p4.2, left column, 1.0 inch up from bottom:   replace "Colpitts or a Hartley" with "Colpitts or Hartley"    (9Dec03)  

p4.3, middle col, 1.3 inches up from text bottom:  Eliminate the word "viable" from sentence. (26Mar03)

p4.4, bottom line in sidebar.  replace can [produce  with can produce. (24Feb03)
                            (In regard to this sidebar, see the new program Padcap in the design programs.  17April9)

p4.4, middle col, four lines up from bottom:  The proper spelling here is squegging rather than squeeging. (24Feb03)  

p4.4, right col, 2 inches down from text top:  make it read "for overall efficiency." (24Feb03)  

p4.6, left col, 2nd line down from top:  That should be NP0 rather than NPO (NP Zero rather than NP Oh.) (24Feb03)               

p4.6, left col, 4.5 inches down from text top:  replace know with known. (24Feb03)

   p4.6, Fig 4.7.  Add the following to the caption on the figure:   The unusually low value of coupling capacitor in the source was chosen to suppress squeeging.   This difficulty disappears with the Hartley circuit of Fig 4.4.  (8March2014)

p4.7, middle col, 0.3 inches down from text top:   replace "it's own" with "its own."   (31 July 09)   

p4.8, right col, 0.7 inch up from bottom.  Replace sentence "Output can be obtained from the cap between Colpitts capacitors." with "Output can be obtained from the junction of the Colpitts capacitors."  (22June03)

p4.9. Fig 4.13.   Add (B) to upper right circuit.(22June03)


p4.9, Fig. 4.14.  Add  (B) to the lower schematic in the figure. (24Feb03)

p4.10, 3rd column, 4 inches down from text top.   Replace "isolating the tank from the resonator" with "isolating the tank from the active device."   (3Dec03)

p4.11, Sidebar dealing with noise spectrum.  The equation is given as a carrier to noise ratio, CNR.  It should be NCR although both CNR and NCR appear in the literature in this equation.  (26Mar03)

p4.11, left column, 2.5 inch up from text bottom.   Change "..the circuit nonlinear amplifier"   to "..the circuit nonlinear amplifier" where the italic emphasizes that it is circuit nonlinearities that are needed for modulation.  (22June03)

p4.11, left column, 0.5 inch up from text bottom.  Change "represent" to "represents"   (22June03)

p4.12, left column, top of text:    replace "like a esoteric" with "like an esoteric"    (9Dec03)    

p4.12, right column, end of text:   replace "emitter R into an"  with "emitter R in a"    (9Dec03)    

p4.13, Right col, 4th line down from text top.  "it's" becomes "its" (26Mar03)

p4.13,  1st col., 1 inch down from top.  Replace "autotransformer" with "transformer"   (3Dec03)

p4.13, right column, 1.0 inch down from text top:   replace "Fig 4.1" with "Fig 4.4"     (9Dec03)

p4.14, first col, 1.0 inches down from text top:  Change that sentence to:  A crystal cross-section, a symbol, and an equivalent circuit are shown in Fig. 4.22.  (24Feb03)

p4.14, middle col, 1.7 inches down from text top:  those are 470 pF capacitors rather than 470 pF inductors.  (24Feb03)

p4.15, left col, 4 lines down from text top:  change "needed so" to "needed to. (11oct12)    

p4.15, left col, 7 lines down from text top:  change "dependant" to "dependent".   (11oct12)  

p4.15, caption for photo:  The caption should make reference to Fig. 4.28 rather than 4.22. (24Feb03)

p4.15, Fig 4.27.   Caption:  Remove the second sentence, for a constant Lm is NOT a good general model for all crystals.   (1Aug09)  

p4.15, Fig 4.28.   The inductor should be 57 nH.    This should be replaced in both the figure and in the caption.   The caption should also say that the inductor is formed with 3 inches of wire with 5 turns (not 3) wound on the 6-32 screw. (10Nov05)    The L value was corrected in the 3rd printing, but the wire length was not.  (17April9)                  

p4.16, Fig 4.32 caption.   Replace "that a C" with "that at C"     (3Dec03)

p4.17, Fig. 4.33.   D1 is the MV209 varactor diode while D2 is the 1N4152.  Both are labeled D1 in the figure.   (24Feb03)

p4.18, middle column, 0.8 inch down from text top.  Change "course" to "coarse"  (22June03)

p4.20, left col, 4th line down.  Replace length shows with lengths show (24Feb03)  

p4.24, right column, bottom of page:  replace the sentence "Assume, for example, that 1-Hz changes the reference at the detector." with  "Assume that the reference at the phase detector changes by 1 Hz."   (9Dec03)   OK, the new sentence is there, but now we need to change the "1H2" to "1 Hz"  .   (17April9)

p4.25, Fig. 4.47.  The resistors, top to bottom, are 1K, 10K, and 4.7K. (24Feb03)   

p4.25, Fig 4.47.   The 74HC193 is shown as having pins 5 and 14 connected to +5 volts.   It should be pins 5 and 16 to 5 volts.  (8May11)

p4.26, left col, 1.2 inches down from text top:  Cross out at the  (24Feb03)

p4.26, right col, 1.7 inches below text top:  replace generate with generated (24Feb03)   

p4.27.  Wrong photo.    Here's a version of the right photo:    

  (The book version has no color!)

p4.27, Fig 4.51.  The 3N211 should be labeled as Q2.  (24Feb03)

p4.28, right col, 1.2 inches down from text top:   Cross out 4511, for that is not in the referenced figure. (24Feb03)

p4.28, header.   Replace "A Digital Dial" with "4.9  A Digital Dial"       (10Dec03)        

p4.28, left column, 1.3 inches up from text bottom:   replace "into the later category" with "into the latter "category   (9Dec03)

p4.30, Fig 4.55.  The input bipolar transistor should be labeled as Q1.   (24Feb03)

p4.31, left column, 4.0 inches up from bottom of text.  Change "off the shelve" to "off the shelf."     (30June03)

p4.31, header at top of page:   Replace "4.9 Regarding Counter Accuracy" with "Regarding Counter Accuracy"     (10Dec03)