EMRFD Chapter 1 Errata.  
  (6 May 13, 22Jan17)

 There is a major goof that showed up with the 3rd printing.   Evidently it happened at the printer.   The error, which is confined to Chapter 1, turns many italicized parts of the text into gibberish.   A proper version of the text can be found at the ARRL site by clicking here:  http://www.arrl.org/notes/8799/     (17 April 09)
This problem appears to have been fixed with the Classic EMRFD printing.   (22jan2017)

 p1.3, left col, very top:  replace "Reactance is little consequence..."  with  "Reactance is of little consequence..." (9Dec03)

p1.5, left col, 0.7 inches down from top of text:  change "viable" to "important"   (26Mar03)

p1.7, right col, 1.8 inches down from top of text:  change "know" to "known"   (24Feb03)

p1.8, right col, 5.6 inches down from top of text:  change "a an inductor" to "an inductor" (24Feb03)

p1.11, middle col, 0.8 inch down from text top.  replace "indictor" with "indicator"   (9Dec03)

p1.11, Fig. 1.16.   In figure, fix spelling.  "Course" becomes "Coarse."   New figure shown below: (11June03)  

Fig. 1.16.

p1,14, left col, 2.2 inches down from text top.  The 7812 has a max I of 1 A and not 0.5 A.  (16June03)

  p 1.15, top of right column.    The word should be "farads" rather than "Farads."    (6May13)  

  p 1.16, caption for Fig 1.26.    The caption should read:   Fig 1.26   Dual range power meter.   The 4 W input uses the formula to calculate power in milliwatts.   The 50 mW range uses the curve of Fig 1.27.               (6May13)    

p1.17, Fig 1.31.   There is a missing ground symbol in the figure.   It should be:


p1.18, column 3, 3.6 inches down from text top.      Replace the sentence "We measured L1 and set the value that desired." with      "The L-network design (see section 3.6) produced values of 1.97 uH and 197 pF.   We wound an inductor on a toroid and then measured inductance, spreading or compressing turns slightly to produce the desired value."     (19Aug03)

p1.18, modify Fig 1.33 to emphasize R1 discussed in text.  Shown below

Fig 1.33.  (same caption) (24Feb03)

p1.19, left col, 1.8 inches up from bottom of text, should read "...increase power by about 10 dB to ..." (26Mar03)

  p 1.19, left col, 3.1 inch up from text bottom.  Replace "head sink" with "heat sink" (15Jan10).     

p1.19 and 1.21, Fig 1.35 and Fig 1.39.    Change Q5 from the discontinued 2N5321 to a MJE181.   Mount transistor with an insulated spacer so circuit board serves as a heat sink.  (Note:  The board alone was not an adequate heat sink and the transistor started to increase in temperature.   It was good enough for testing.   A small heat sink would be useful.   Efficiency is worse with the MJE181 than it was with the 2N5321.)  (25Jan05)(29Jan06)                  

p1.21, Fig 1.40.   Pin 6 of the  555 IC should be connected to pin 2.  Hence,


  p1.23, Ref. 1.  This should read:  W. Hayward and D. DeMaw, Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur, ARRL, 1977.