Errata for Experimental Methods in RF Design and Intro. to RF Design.
                                Last Update   (30Nov 2015)  
I have decided to move to a more compact format for the EMRFD errata.   There is only one set of files that encompasses all printings.
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Introduction to RF Design (IRFD) has been discontinued by the publisher, ARRL.  
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Some articles that expand upon EMRFD subjects:

A complete book abstract.       (15Aug12)
Designing High Order LC Bandpass Filters from EMRFD       
Mixed Form LC Bandpass Filters (basic theory)              (13May13)
Transformer Coupled LC Bandpass Filters      (16Aug14)
More on the EMRFD "First Transmitter" from Chapter 1.    
An Oscillator Scheme for Quartz Crystal Characterization    
Building Practical Double-Tuned Circuits with EMRFD Procedures   (12Feb13)

PLL Loop Filter Design Aid (a program) (Windows program for PC)      (15Apr13)
Coil winding aid (program) (Windows program for PC)      (28Jan14)     Wind toroids with turns in a single layer spread over almost all of the core.   This is not a "rule."  It's just what was done for the formula used in this program.     Wind solenoid coils with a constant pitch, ideally with some spacing between wires.   Then measure the coil L when you are done.  
Small Signal Amplifier Design
All three of these articles are mathematical.   It's not heavy duty mathematics, but just some algebra.    Also, note that the analysis and design equations all relate to the small signal behavior of the amplifier stages.   The analysis does NOT predict noise or distortion properties.   The articles are:
   A Termination Insensitive Amplifier for Bidirectional Transceivers (with Bob Kopski, K3NHI)
   The Feedback Amplifier with a Simple Model      (This is the math for the other two articles.)
   Transistor Models and the Feedback Amplifier     This one includes some measurement data.