Errata, Chapter 10, EMRFD


p10.5, middle column, 3.9 inches down from text top:  The program listed there as SHLPRG.DSP should be C1SHELL.DSP, which is indeed included on the book CD.   The CD also includes the compiled version, C1SHELL.EXE.    (3Jan04)

p10.9.  Fig. 10.12. We have no idea how that text ended up in the middle of the graph.  It is intended to be a footnote.  (24Feb03) 

p10.10, sidebar, left column, 2.2 inches up from bottom line:  Replace "...since it has a leading zero, indicating ..."  with  "...since it has a leading one, indicating..."  (1Aug03)
 p10.19.  Lower right corner, reference.  The reference alludes to a paper by C. R. MacCluer, W8MQW, that describes a matched filter for EME applications.  The reference states that the paper is on the book CD.  We evidently missed it in the compilation, but will try to make it available at a later time.  (9May03)  The paper is on the CD with the 3rd printing.

p10.21, right column bottom.   Schwartz  should be Schwarz.  (22June03)

p10.26. left column, 5.0 inches down from top of text.  Replace "1000/1024" by "10,000/1024" (24Feb03)

p10.30, footnote.    The footnote makes reference to a Matlab file, "predis1.m" that is included on the book CD.   We missed that one and it did not make it to the CD.   Click here on predis1.txt to read a text file that has all the information.   You can save this and change the format to use it in Matlab.   (12June07) (1Dec14)