Errata for Experimental Methods in RF Design (EMRFD, ARRL, 2003) and Intro. to RF Design, ARRL 1994.  

(ARRL, 2003) is now available in a new  "Classic" Edition.    The new version is at the same price of $49.95.   The CD includes digital (PDF) versions of the earlier books SSD and IRFD, but does not include the design software.    For full book info, see    

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IRFD Errata:   Although we don't have a lot,  some Intro. to RF Design errata are here.   Click here.     (11Mar16)

EMRFD Errata:

Most  EMRFD errata entries will contain markings with an icon to tell the reader the status.   These are:
for those errata that were fixed in the 3rd printing.
signifying errors that are still in the third printing.  They may just have been too difficult to fix.
This signifies an error that is new in the 3rd printing, or one that we just discovered.

Click on the section or chapter to find reported errors:

General Comments  ~(17Apr9, 22Apr13,12Feb15)
Includes:  Dual Gate MOSFETs, Discontinued Transistors, Book CD Problem
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Design Software Update (12May17) 
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