Superstition Sampler
November 30, 2013  (2 mile hiked)

We again took a trip to the Southwest in the Fall Season.  The trip was a month later this year so we could spend Thanksgiving with my brother Den and his wife, Cheryl.   They have a "snowbird" place on a golf course in Chandler, AZ, which is about 20 miles south of the center of Phoenix.  His Arizona time is dominated by golf, but he also sneaks out to the desert with the goal of finding interesting rocks to saw and polish.   After Thanksgiving, Den and I decided to take a drive to find a rock and to even hike a little.   It would give me a chance to sample this part of the desert.   Den had selected an area close to Chandler, adjacent to the Superstition Mountains.  We drove on dirt roads for a while, parked his rig, and did some hiking.   Den spent time rock hunting in a stream bed while I hiked up the stream and took photos.   Owing to recent rains, there was a hint of water in the stream.   I eventually hiked off through the desert, depending on a GPS receiver to find my way back to Den.

Several photos are shown below, generally with little commentary.

 Click photo for a larger version.

Click photo for a larger version.

We wondered about the yellow/green tint on these rocks.

The color turned out to be a thick coating of lichen.

Den's 4X4 rig proved ideal for these less than friendly roads.

Dennis Hayward
Hmmm.  Wonder if there is any gold left out there?  What was the name of that mine?  Is it really lost?

Many thanks Den for a great day.